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About provides credit card billing services, support and customer services pertaining to online payments. Please take note that if you subscribed to be a member of a website for which we process payments for, it is the owner/operator of that website that is solely responsible for their content and/or promotional material they may distribute as well as the means of such distribution.

What is a Member number or Order number ?

When you purchase a subscription, membership, or other product, you are issued a Member number/Order number. You receive your Member number/Order number on the screen once you have completed your payment as well as in the email confirmation sent to you immediately after submitting your order. You should always maintain a record of your Member number/Order number and should use this number in any correspondence with a representative.

How do I get Details of my Subscription or Purchase ?

Please use the Find My Membership / Subscription / Purchase form, or you may contact us via email or phone.

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